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NGfu is a 2d platform adventure set in an post-cataclysm earth that now is in pieces . Humanity is struggling to survive . Cities are in ruins and abandoned , air is toxic , no food and no place to call home ! No place is save .

You are Joshua Pirlock , a lone wolf young man that arrives in a city thinking to find some food , water and whatever thing can be useful these hard living days  . 

A new city , a new exploration , new dangers !  As you arrive you immediately understand that you cant go back , one more problem added to the to do list , you need to find a way to leave the city too .

Gameplay and Game Mechanics

NGfu is 2d platformer with platformer mechanics mixed with exploration, monologues and dialogues inspired to classical adventure games . Monologues and dialogues are essential to understand what are Joshua's feelings and what's going on in his head . 

Each level , I call them Islands , are designed to be the continuing of the previous one . There are dangers , dark places , strange humanoid creatures , deadly plants and strange devices . 

The player can interact with different elements in the game and everything is up to him ! Since the game situation wants to be the credible , making wrong decisions may block your progress on the game level and story so make your right decisions . 

My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/endritDevYellowHatGames
Site: https://yellowhatgames.com/


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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